Flat Modeling Anime/Toon Hair

UPDATE: See second post for followup tutorial on the modifier setup.

A full walkthrough of my mesh hair creation process for anime or cartoon hair using Blender 2.8. Model it flat while wrapping it onto the head with modifiers. This method breaks things down into small, simple steps and gives clean topology and UVs.

In this tutorial:

  • Overview in the beginning so advanced users can skip the details
  • Wrapping flat plane to quarter sphere (curve, simple deform, and lattice modifiers)
  • Creating and shaping strands or tails using curves and lattices
  • Creating clean topology hair spikes and joining them without killing UVs
  • Time lapse demonstration modeling bangs
  • Lots of little details that help with the process

This tutorial is about the overall process, and assumes you know basic modeling.

Follow me for more tutorials and updates. Questions are welcome!


I got a lot of questions about the Curve and Simple Deform modifier setup, so here’s a followup video explaining how those modifiers behave, and exactly how to get the setup working: