Flat Panel or CRT: which is better for 3D???

(rwv01) #1

Here’s a poser:
Based on performance alone, which do you think has the best qualities for professional level 3D work, flat panel or CRT monitors?

(xype) #2

Actually professional level 3D work doesn’t require as high refreshrates as gaming so a LCD screen would be my pick, since it’s MUCH easier on the eyes meaning you can work longer. the resolution is not variable though.

(Timothy) #3

I am not sure how the colors of the flat monitors are. But in my experience the colors aren’t really clear especially under an angle and tend to change overtime.
If this still is the case (been a while since I looked at a flat monitor) I would say CRT.

(macke) #4

SGI 1600sw, love it.

(blenderanim) #5

If the answer doesn’t make sense, maybe you didn’t understand the question.

It depends.

LCD will be easier on the eyes and will take up less desk space.

CRT will give better color purity. Most test equipment will be geared to CRTs. Especially for broadcast and color purity.

You will need to consider the printer/monitor combination. You will need to exactly reproduce colors on the monitor for development and the printer for output. A CRT will give more precise control over colors and color reproduction.

CRTs are generally cheaper.

LCDs look better and may impress pontential clients more.

LCDs use less power (less heat)

(stephen2002) #6

I love the LCD on my laptop. I am so used to no flickering that anything much below 75Hz on a CRT is noticable and quite annoying to me now. The issue is the resolution. An LCD resultion is variable, but it gets a little bit fuzzy when you drop below the optimal resolution.

The colors/contrast might be a bit off, but it has not effected me. As long as you sit directly in front of the screen, there should not be much of a problem.

I like LCDs, so my opinion is has some bias.

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“42” after 7.5 mil. years…
mabe they should’ve tried distributed computing…

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