flatten angels.....haha

(blengine) #1

hmmf, when i hit the smooth button, a game popped up…
i uploaded for all to see…
http://mysite.iptic.com/blengine/angel.html (sound doesnt show up with plugin??)

heres the blend(with sound)

2 megs
numpad 1,2,3 change views
arrows fly
space bar, drop anvil

lmao…fun fun is whats its about =)

(S_W) #2

Great game! :smiley:
Keep your funny work up!

(Pooba) #3

Cool game man! The big hand got me once, but after that I won easily. You should have to kill all the angels in there, not just some though.
I liked how the tail moved and the wings did too. You did a good job on detail.


(Yamyam) #4

LOL! nice work!

(Doc Holiday) #5

LOL Very, very evil Thing! I think, You will burn in Hell for that!

(joecool) #6

I was looking for some games for my friend, and came across it. I think I posted something in the news and chat, but I’m not sure…
awesome work :slight_smile:

(blengine) #7

lol thanks for the comments…yeah yeah i know…hell is in my future…but u see thats the plan! ill get to meet the devil! so…when i shake his hand, ill pop a karate move on him, snap his neck and take over hell…ill make it more fun then heaven! people will wanna come here after they die! woo!

(joecool) #8

http://www.chick.com/reading/tracts/0060/0060_01.asp read this!