Wow really cool!!! I can’t believe there are no comments on this!

I hope you keep on posting this is awesome quality work. Is this all done in Blender or is this Zbrush?

very cool character:)
maybe bit more AO in the render .
frontal lighting is difficult one , there is something slightly off to my eye,
maybe accented from the side would balnce it .

Great modelling, scpulting. Interesting character, love the clothing and ligh. great job.

Nice job dude !! It’s very clean render and i like that and your character is cool ^^

Nice exercise! Great job on the arms, and I like the solid, column-like feel of the body volume. I would love to see a turnaround of this.


all blender.

the body is dyntopo clay, so is the brain and some parts too, i will re edit this when polystrips comes and try to texture and yeah angled shot will be better next time around.

i dont particularly like the arm, since this was originally a different concept, i posed using the twist brush in hi res so its a little awkward, when i modeled the bottom piece to practice sculpting clothes this character was realized.