Flexi Bezier Tool

Thanks for reporting the issue. Is it possible for you to share a blend file (a very simple one), which has this error.

In Draw mode (grease pencil), right after starting to draw a line, if you press the space key, you should get this error:

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this is blender file, Thank you for your dedication

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This is fixed in the latest upload.
Probably I was too excited to run some basic test conditions :slight_smile:

Thank you. I was not able to reproduce the error, but have implemented a possible fix in the latest upload. Next time if you face the error, please note the steps and send me the blend file along with the steps leading to the error.

Have you tried Bezier Curve CAD Tools?

it is a very interesting tool, but it does not work in a practical way as I would like, from “object mode” with the simple … select the active tool and execute the operation on a piece of segment or a point …

that’s why I have a lot of hope for this @Khemadeva tool, It adopts in my opinion the useful taste approach to a good precise CAD style design.

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What I would like to see is a “Flexi Draw Freehand line” tool.

It would work similarly to the Annotate tool but would allow to create freehand drawn lines. But thanks to Khemadeva’s great coding skills, there could be interesting options, such as the ones that you can find in Lazy Nezumi Pro:

It would be awesome to have something similar in Blender, for the Bezier Curves but also for Grease Pencil.

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another wonderful thing would be to be able to interactive create objects from the extra curves addon via active tool modeling , like flexy sexy bezier tool does :grin::yellow_heart:

it’s nice dreaming

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Sure. But the upcoming feature - Flexi Snapping :wink: - is also not too bad.
I guess, after trying it, you won’t mind me working on it first.

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:grin::grin: absolutely not bad

Perhaps there has already been such an offer. Snap to edges/ center edge/ face/ center face/ vertex

Hello Everyone!

There has been a performance fix (ver 0.9.11) related to slowing down of response of draw / edit with increasing no of segments (especially with large view distance).
You might want to update your add-on.

Do let me know if you face any issues.


Nice thank a lot Khemadeva you are the blender bezier super hero!


Hi Khemadeva.

Are you aware of the non-compatibility between the All Material List and BezierUtilities?

I just wanted to inform you.

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Khemadeva just a question: is it not possible to implement boolean operations to your add-on? Bezier booleans.

Flexibezier is excellent in its simplicity and straightforwardness, so why not making it a full tool shelf for every imaginable kind of bezier operations? You just produce whatever shape you want in it and you convert the drawings to polygon lines by clicking a single button in the ui: the most intuitive way of working!


I agree, there will have to be boolean ops integrated into the toolkit sooner or later.

However, right now the priority is snapping and locking option, which, I guess, is quite important for precision modeling. And implementing it is taking much more time than I initially thought, mainly due to the increasing scope (I just did not want to publish something half-baked :slight_smile: )

After snapping, I thought of making the selection / editing part consistent. E.g. currently, only uniform subdiv works on multiple segments. But it should be possible to select multiple handle poionts / segments and apply ops like move / delete / align on all of them at once.

So, when there is this consistent framework in place, the new functionality like Boolean or Draw Primitives can be added.

Do keep sharing your thoughts.



for knowledge, I let you know that the author of the bevel tool for the mesh is working on a new set of Boolean operations and will soon be officially implemented, I don’t know can be useful also for curves and surfaces …


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Sounds like a good plan of action :slight_smile:


Excellent plan of action Khemadeva! Keep the good work! :smiley: