Flexi Bezier Tool

Please take a look at Curve CAD Tools Bezier Curve CAD Tools ,
the add-on also has a fillet option

It is a floating window; I think well you get the idea.


You can now enter values via numpad. But since many users (like me) would like to continue to use the numpad for switching views, I have provided an option in preferences to enable numpad entry.

Done. You can now bevel a point (or segment) just by hovering the mouse over it, provided there are no other selections.


Done ( I was just waiting for someone to point this out :slight_smile: )


wow… fast :100: :100: :100: :100:

thank you @Khemadeva … bezierutilities being greater daily :muscle:.

maybe others operations can get some time saver using this new “live” mode (using hover mouse position if no selection exist) … like S key operations… W key (subdivions op)… K key (align handler)… tweak position op … S key and K key op for selected/hovered segment would be nice :slight_smile:

And :upside_down_face: one new split segment op using mouse hover position. :grimacing:

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I legit do not understand how you manage to just implement everything that everyone asks for so quickly! lol

I’m going to start asking for random things like “Can you make it so that when we make a new spline a rainbow appears outside?” just so that you are forced to finally say you can’t do something! :wink:


LOL… You can make me say “I can’t” even by asking for lesser things than rainbows and stars :slight_smile:
I have still not been able to implement - for example - the Offset feature, which is a long pending request :slight_smile:

For the Offset, couldn’t the source code of these add-ons help you?


Looks very useful. I will go through this when I get time and see if I can reuse any logic from the edit mesh tools for curve offset functionality. Thank you!


Ooh, a proper offset feature could be hard to get right (e.g. offsetting the inside of multi-point corners), this could be a real challenge for you :wink:

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Even in dedicated CAD tools, insetting is sometimes limited by filleted or multi-point corners… an inset radius can only be made so small. Offsetting (outside) obviously doesn’t have the same issue. I’ve made a GIF video showing how CAD software “Moment of Inspiration” (MoI) handles this elegantly: once an inset shape with filleted corners becomes too small, it simply removes the fillets from corner and allows further insetting to continue.


stephen_leger archpack addon has far way better curve offset implemetation, with auto clip intersection segments… (see archpack -> buffer and/or offset )… I think it using pyGeos lib.


Wow, that is very impressive! I agree, that would be the better implementation for Flexi Bezier Tool.

Maybe I’m just daft (quite possible) but is there an option to draw these splines onto geometry? I’m not able to find a way to just have the points snap onto an existing mesh so that I could use it as a base to draw on.

You can draw on individual faces of a mesh by selecting Snap Origin and Snap Orientation as ‘Active Object Face’ and Snap Plane as XY. However, the feature to draw on the entire mesh surface is as yet not available. (Please see my earlier response.)

If you simply want to snap to the vertex of a mesh, it is possible. But for this to work, the mesh you are trying to snap on to needs to be selected. Snapping to vertices is restricted only to selected meshes. Since there can potentially be a very large number of meshes in the scene, I thought it better to make the users explicitly tell the tool which mesh they want it to consider for snapping.

Also, there is a vertex count restriction of 1000 due to possible performance issue. Which means if a mesh has more than 1000 vertices, it won’t be considered for vertex-snapping even if it’s selected.

Maybe this count should be made configerable via preferences. What do you suggest?


I have made the changes to initiate these ops - except tweak - on mouse hover, if there are no other similar selections. Tweak position can’t be done on mouse hover, as it works only after repositioning an element.


I have added the feature to split the curve at either end of segment selections. But I guess split op is something that users won’t require do very often. So it may make more sense to make users select the segment before they try to split the curve at the selection. Executing split just with mouse hover may result in some unintended splits.


very good… thank you @Khemadeva

have some way to bypass the 50% segment lenght bevel limit? I think bevel can extend to next adjacent point (full segment length)

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Fixed in the latest version.
The restriction of 50% still holds, if adjacenet points are selected for beveling, in order to avoid overlapping.


boolean operation are present in the addon?

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I changed the keys - ALT>CTRL in the settings and now when the flexi draw is activated, the blender crashes

Please try with the latest version. Let me know if you still face this issue.

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Does the python allow making such a “primitive - tube”?