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Latest Version:*Go to the link and download the script from “Raw” because “Save link as” doesn’t work


This addon introduces a cad-like feature, which create edges that have consistent distance from original selected ones. Primarily this feature targets for planer edge loops, but works well on 3d edges with ‘Follow Face’ option.


In mesh edit mode, select some non-branching connected edges or faces and press CTRL-E to popup edge menu.
Choose action from ‘Offset Edge’ submenu at the bottom. The actions are:

Offset: New offsetted edges will be created.
Extrude: Edges will be extruded and offsetted.
Move: New edges won’t be created, but original edges will be moved.

If you have selected faces, ‘Follow Face’ option is automatically set and face boundary edges are offsetted.
With ‘Follow Face’ option turned on, offset edges stays on the planes determined by selected faces.
With ‘Follow Face’ option turned on without selecting faces, adjacent visible faces are taken into account.

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(RoN43) #2

gr8 addon

(eXKR) #3

Nice! thanks

(JuhaW) #4

Nice one ! This should be Inset > “outset” option, but it isn’t :slight_smile:

(kakachiex2) #5

nice addons

(ejnaren) #6

Wow… Great for architecture work!

(chloesdad) #7

Thank you, very useful.

(dank0) #8

great script, thank you

(Bon Baba) #9

Thanks for all your comments.
I fixed several problem, so please download the latest one.

  1. Fixed some inconsistent width problem on non-planer edges
  2. Fixed the problem that extra vertices remain in move mode.

Thats right, if outset operator (or inset with negative value) worked like this, I would have not created this addon.
But this addon works with not only faces but edges, so might be a little more convenient.

(const) #10

Cool for logos as well!

(Remade) #11

thanks,very useful addon.

(comeinandburn) #12

Hmm… I’d love to use it but it doesn’t seem to show up using the typical install methods
(install from file, or adding manually into the addons folder).

I’m on Linux 64bit, 2.68a official… any ideas? I tried it on 2.68 official as well.

what name is it under in the addons tab?

(dustractor) #13

Nice! Thanks Bon Baba!

(Bon Baba) #14

[/B)I’m using Linux 64bit too.
This addon should be under “User” or “Mesh” tab and its name is “Offset Edges”

(nirenyang) #15

Great addon! Thanks!

(bitacovir) #16

Same problem here. It doesn’t appear in the list…

(pauloup) #17

I’ve been waiting a long time for this! Thank you so much.:spin:

(comeinandburn) #18

thanks for the suggestion but nothing here.

edit: got it! something funky happened when I used “save as” from the github link above. When I copy and pasted the code using text edit and save as “” it worked.

(Bon Baba) #19

Try opening this addon in blender text editor and running script.
Please tell me if this addon works or there are any error message in the console.

Good for you to have solved the problem.

(MF-DK) #20

Many thanks for making this addon available! Got it working and very useful indeed. :slight_smile: