Sorcar - Procedural modeling in Blender using Node Editor

Something about it has been made by @dairin0d here it’s a macro recording tool.
(I cannot track the thread back).
Mind the subject is convoluted, as you don’t have a real control over Blender user actions… would set as optional effort imho.

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Don’t need any sort of recorder. The “INFO” editor is good enough:

This has been on my radar since it came out. I’ve just had time to give it a proper try and it seems great.

I was able to do a generic town based on a simple base mesh, subdivided, and inset a bunch of times.

A few thoughts / comments

  • One thing I am not sure how to do is map the distance from an empty to the faces of the roof to give variation on extrude. Any thoughts?
  • Another feature I couldn’t find in my limited time is whether it is possible to select a vertex, edge, or face, based on proximity to another object (e.g. an empty). You can see in the screenshot my initial try.
  • I wanted to select all purple faces (prior to extruding) that have an area less than a certain number. Any thoughts on how to do that?
  • I am wondering if other nodes could be made? For example it would be amazing to be able to plugin the Tissue (ba / github) plugin into face selection to tessellate.
  • I wanted to bevel the edges of the blocks, but by using the bevel node with edges only, i don’t get a smooth result as a radius. I imagine this is a limitation of the bevel modifier as opposed to Sorcar, so I am hoping with the bevel gsoc, it would improve.

I thought it may be nice to mention a procedural node based modeling tool for unity, that seems fairly similar called archimatrix. I particularly like the length-based subdivision of driver curves for generating windows that automatically end near the end. Wondering of something similar could be achieved with Sorcar?


woooow this release sure looks awesome man ! congrats, you sir have been really far with this addon ! it s great to see multi files in the release notes ! is it out yet ? eager to give it a try !!!
and as you have frame input, it could be used for animation (even if it is not its main purpose) so may i suggest to have a debug toggle to show the computation time for each frame (even nodes maybe) ? it could help optimize and debug in complex tree !
congrats again, and thanks for your hard work !
cheers !

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A few more observations now that I have redone my example


I use the refresh mesh node quite often, but if I disconnect some component nodes and wish to see what’s happening in component mode when disconnecting to mesh & refresh mesh, I am not getting an update unless I modify all nodes

Offset outer

I am trying to create roof overhangs. I tried using inset with outset option set and offset edge loops. With both nodes, i get an interpolated edgeloop somewhere between the current edge loop and the previous one.

Here is a try with offset edge loop

One of my favorite addons is offset edges And i am wondering with that could be converted into a node in sorcar?

Add loop cuts

what is the best way to add loop cuts and select them. In my case, I want to make a pitched roof by adding a loop cut to all the roofs at the center and moving it up. I tried using the loop cut node, but I am not sure how exactly it works and whether it understands to make a loop cut on the currently selected faces, with the correct orientation.

sorcar01.blend (2.4 MB)

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Is there a way to query the area of a selected face?

Hi! Sorry, I’ve been very busy this week. I’ll answer all the questions properly later. Meanwhile see the videos and files attached below if they help:

sc_distance_blend.blend (587.9 KB)
sc_proximity_select.blend (558.7 KB)

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Blender 2.8 port is released!!

A HUGE thanks to Kim Christensen (@kichristensen) for making the necessary changes to get Sorcar working in Blender 2.8. There are no structural changes in v2.1.0 and contains all the nodes (bugs and limitations as well) from v2.0.5. I am still working on v3, but until then, you can use this version.

Download from:

Note that this version may contain more bugs as it doesn’t take the Blender 2.8’s changes into account (for e.x. multi-mesh editing)


For some reason it won’t install on 2.8, it tells modules are installed but nothing happens.

Till now I just lurked the progress, guess I’ll try this gem sooner than later.

Any plan about a workflow to help with the making of game assets? Houdini has nodegroups under the name of “game development toolsets”, basically you feed your mesh(es) and they’ll get decimated, uvseam-ed and unpacked and even texture-baked if highpoly(es) are present. Very helpful nodes since they tackle that somewhat tedious and error-prone process, a foolproof process is big seller. Also very powerful when combined with nodes that join/split your separated objects and a remesher like voxel. Michael Pavlovich showed that workflow

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Rename the folder “Sorcar-v2.1” to “sorcar” in

EDIT: Don’t forget to refresh.

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The file in the release might be outdated. It is from 21.06.2019. The 2.1 branch is up to date though.

bl_info = {
    "name": "Sorcar",
    "author": "Punya Aachman",
    "version": (2, 0, 5),
    "blender": (2, 79, 0),
    "location": "Node Editor",
    "description": "Create procedural meshes using Node Editor",
    "category": "Node"}

The file you are referring to must be from a different release.

Download the v2.1.0 instead of v2.0.5 for Blender 2.8.

The .rar is fine, the repo is working. But the Zip is outdated. Check it yourself.

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Got it, thanks! Updated the release

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Sorry, TLDR the whole thing,…is this something like “everything nodes”?? What’s the difference?

TLDR? You can check the github:

Sorcar (formerly ProcGenMod) is a procedural modeling node-based system which utilises Blender and its Python API to create a visual programming environment for artists and developers. Heavily inspired by Side-FX Houdini, it presents a node editor with a variety of modular nodes to make the workflow easier and fast. Most of the nodes are blender internal operations (bpy.ops.mesh) which also makes it easier for frequent blender users to manipulate geometry. It helps the users to quickly create 3D models and control node parameters to generate limitless variations in a non-destructive manner. It also provides the users to view and edit mesh on any stage of the node network independently, with realtime updates.

OK :slight_smile: So is that like what “everything nodes” is gonna be, then? :slight_smile: What’s the difference?

Interesting plugin, just downloaded 2.1.0 from the release 1h ago, however installing from the zip file nothing to activate shows up in the preferences, and no new node editor in editor drop-down either. Am I missing something?