Flexible Chassis


(wanoco4D) #1

I made a chassis which can transform and fit various cars.
Modeling and riggig in Blender2.79, animation and rendering in Blender2.80

Artstation: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/EVN9qv

(enenra) #2

This should be +18 because it is pure pornography :heart_eyes:

Fantastic work!

(Kramon) #3

diude that is awesome i really dig it.

(SterlingRoth) #4

reminds me of the “blackbird”:

(Member) #5

Man this is awesome bro keep it up.

(wanoco4D) #6

Wow!!! The engineers who developed this are crazy :joy: Flexible Chassis in the real world!

(Xard) #7

Well, wanoco4D is so good at this that it at least makes the artwork highly inappropriate content for beginner modellers. :sweat_smile:

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(Bart Veldhuizen) #9

You’re #featured! :+1:

(marcatore) #10

Great results!!!
It’s really a great job. :heart_eyes:

how did you modelled all the parts?
Have you received all the CAD by manufacturer? if yes how did you managed it?


What plugins do you use?
Did you use blueprints?

(pixelgrip) #12

Wow.awesome modeling and animation

(sundialsvc4) #13

“Man, Blender’s more fun sometimes than a box of Tinkertoys.®” … :smiley: … Great work!

(ouraf) #14

If it’s your original concept, patent it ASAP. you can make a fortune with it

(kkar) #15

This video of him is as impressive for real

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(usernew) #17

That’s some really intricate work! God level work.

(Nitram_2000) #18

What did I just witness?

(masterxeon1001) #19

mother of god.


(rombout) #20

SLick modeling and awesome presentation. Though i find the steering to looking like a bumper car. It turns forever.

Love the animation, super detailed! Also love how you put in some hulls in a very stylish way. Sick man!

I got shelby cobra model and it needs a good chassis… hint hint