flexing hair particles

Hey All,

Bit of a puzzle here. I’ve got an animation I’m working on where I have an object with hair particles. When I use a force field with the hair particles, they behave like I would expect, flexing and bending in the wind while they remain anchored to my main geometry.

However, when I change the type of particle from path to object, my new geometry has absolutely no flexing at all… just still as a board hair particles…

Is there a way to change from path particle to object (or group) and retain that flexibility? I’ve tried working with softbodies and some other physics settings and oh my…

If anyone has any advice on how to accomplish this if possible, I’d really appreciate it.

Thank you all!


Object visualization = dupli = instances
It means that any deformation you see on a particle is the same for the others.

So, you can use hair particles system to model a mesh that would be deform by current deformers. But in this case, it means no Hair Dynamics.
You can use a particle instance modifier + hair particles as path. In this case, you have both. But object is deformed by path like a curve modifier will deform it. It does not always correspond to wanted deformation. It is less easy to setup than using default hair + children solution.
Sometimes, render takes more time. You have one big mesh to render created by a modifier that acts like an array modifier.

There is no miracle, here. Hair Dynamics + Object Instances is not possible.