FlexOrigin - control object origin + local orientation with empty

EWOCprojects presents FlexOrigin, a new Blender addon for sale on the Blender Market.


Blender object origins.

Blender only allows one to position the object origin at an arbitrary location by first placing the 3D cursor first and then setting the origin to its position. But what if you want to move the origin along X, Y or Z axis, or you want to snap the origin onto an edge or on an objects surface? And what with modifiers that depend on the origin for their positioning; how can you set them precisely and intuitively? FlexOrigin provides.

FlexOrigin – steer your object origins with empties.

FlexOrigin utilizes a system that couples an empty to the origin of your object. The empty is continuously and robustly assigned to the object origin, meaning that as long as the empty remains in the scene, all translation of the empty will result in the according translation of the object origin. This allows using Gkey or the manipulator to interactively move the object origin, while allowing also for snapping (during transform) to volume/face/edge/vertex/increment, using the standard controls for transform snapping. Control empties can be created for as many objects as you wish, and are saved with your .blend file. The origin can still be set by standard methods, the control empty will then move automatically to the new origin position. Update of the origin when moving the empty is continuous and real-time, meaning this system is particularly suited for transforming the origin of objects that have modifiers assigned that are origin dependent, like Mirror or Cast, giving direct feedback, allowing for precise and visual modifier positioning. Take control of your origins now!

FlexOrigin just got a major feature update : now you can control the local object orientation by rotating the control empty!

Does this support multiple empties as origin proxies on the same object and switching between them? This would allow me to setup kitbash parts in a way that would let me snap them together very easily.

Has a trial version, just to be able to try for 2 hours?

Hi all,
Before purchase. I’d love to know if its suitable for 2.79?


There’s a version for Blender 2.80 on Blender Market now!

EDIT : The addon, all versions, has also been made less confusing. A ‘pivot around origin’ button has been added in EditMode. Operation in EditMode is now updated in real time.

@obsurveyor : no, it doesn’t do that, but it could possibly be included
@Darcvizer : no there’s no demo version
@garfield5mm : compatible with 2.79 yes

This addon sounds like heaven.
Does it make something like this possible?

@Ztreem : Yes, indeed, it does allow animating the empty that controls the origin over time. Which includes rotating it to set the local object orientation.

Good, I’ll buy it.

In the video description you have the link to download the 2.8 version.

Ah, nice. Has anyone tried both FlexOrigin and the BS Modify Pivot Addon? I would be interested to hear if the latter is a good replacement for FlexOrigin? I am giving away all current FlexOrigin profit to the Blender Development Fund, so it would not really matter to me if a free alternative pops up. But, if it is indeed a good alternative, I would rather just drop FlexOrigin from the Blender Market; I don’t want people to pay for something they can get for free!

So. I briefly tested the Bone Studio addon. It is made to do a single movement of the origin at a time, it doesn’t support continuous update in th scene of multiple objects+their origin like FlexOrigin does. As a result of this, the Bone Studio only changes the origin when you commit changes, thus not providing real-time origin update while moving it (handy when using eg. a mirror modifier) and, more importantly, doesn’t support animating the origin empty. All these things are supported by FlexOrigin.
I only briefly tested, so do correct me when I’m wrong!