flexrig and linking

Hi guys

think im having a little problem with my flexrig adapted character.
I am trying to add a hat and scarf to my character and have come across a couple of problems

  1. I added a scarf using a curve with a little thickness to it but i cant get it to weight paint properly so it moves better when i move the head for instance. I have parented it to the def-head bone. Can anyone advise me on this.

  2. I have also added a flat cap to my character and have tried to add an empty to it so i can possibly move the hat seperately to the head if i need I have tried parenting the empty and the hat in all variations i can think of to the DEF-Head bone and it sort of works but then when i link the character file to a new doc the empty doesnt come over withe rig

can anyone please help. I cant upload the file because its just over the 30mg limit but any advise would be really appreciated

Heya, Woody. How’s it going?

  1. For a scarf, you will need an armature modifier on the scarf mesh since that mesh will likely need to be influenced by the neck, head, chest, and shoulder bones of the rig. Then weightpaint accordingly. You will need a vertex group for each bone that has influence. For example, your vertex group list should be, DEF-head, DEF-neck, DEF-shoulder.L, DEF-shoulder.R, DEF-chest.

  2. Make a new “cap” bone with the exact placement of the DEF-head. Parent this bone to the root bone. (Keep offset.) Add a copy transforms constraint to the cap bone to follow the DEF-Head. This will cause it to follow the DEF-Head unless you lower the influence of the constraint to 0.0

When you want to animate the cap moving from the head, lower the copy transforms constraint to zero and move the cap bone as needed. You could add a custom property to drive the influence to make it more user friendly.

Good luck!

Dan Pro we meet again…How the devil are you?
Thanks for the advise but again i cant get it to work. The scarf isnt a mesh its a bezier curve with a solidify on it. so cant weight paint it
ANd the hat i have sort of got working but it moves with a lag but does end up in the right place in the end. I have removed the hair from this doc so i could send it to you
can you take a look and see where i have gone wrong. It does get half way there though. And by the way I did do a little play with my animation and decided to change it but as soon as i can get this bit sorted I am not changing it again. LOL

Many thanks