Flexrig editing a UV map on character

Hi i have posted this before but need to update my attempt and try and show you how far i got and also an image of the result.

I have tried to put a tattoo on my characters arm and have selected the area and tried to create the UV map so the tattoo just goes on the area i want.

As you can see fromthe image its sort of works but sort of doesnt and i cant seem to fiund the remedy anywhere.
I am using blender render not cycles render, which may be causing the problem or maybe ive missed a step or definately done something wrong. LOL

Can anyone please help me before i continue on with my animation so i dont end up doing too much over again

MAny thanks in advance


Create a new UV map with the texture overlayed on the correct faces
Add the texture to a new texture slot and use those new UVs
Set the Texture Image Mapping to Clip from default Repeat so you don’t get a repeating texture

See attached example blend file


tatoo.blend (164 KB)

HI thanks for your help. I got it to work, sort of, but i dont know if its because im using a flexrig character but even though i specified the section of mesh i wanted to UV map (the arm) it is selecting the head too. As the pic shows and therefore duplicates the image on there too.

How do i get rid of the unwanted mesh? I cant seem to select it and delete it to leave me the mesh i need.

OK guys been messing around a little and have now created a patch that goes on the arm to get rid of the duplicate UV mesh. it works but i cant get the exact colour to match the arm colour. the effect as you can see is that the mesh as a definate line around it and the colour doesnt match. Is there a way of getting around it somehow or am i going about it the wrong way. Its all down to using flexrig that as so much in it i cant figure it out.

Please supply a link to a demo blend file with the arm and textures and all materials

Here is a link to my character blend file. As i said it was created using flex rig and im using blender render, not cycles render.



Hope you can help. Many thanks

You can incorporate the tattoo texture into your skin material rather than make a separate material for the area with the tattoo


Ozzy1.blend (6.18 MB)