Flickering Artifacts on Text

I’m recreating the 20th century Fox logo using a quick blender file from the tutorial here:

It should be just as simple as replacing the text and rendering, however when I render, the ‘T’'s have black artifacts. I’ve verified that there aren’t any polygons overlapping, and it only happens on T’s which is strange.

(The artifacts don’t occur every frame, but they’re on the majority)

The .blend is from a previous version (2.37 I think) but I’m not sure why that would cause a problem. Any help?

The normals could be flipped the wrong way.

I considered that, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to flip the normals of the object. The problem is that it’s a text object, and I haven’t used Blender since the latest UI update. Will I have to convert it to a non-font object first?