Flickering halo when camer ais animated

Hello Folks!

I have a problem while making an space animation. In my short animation you’ll see the earth planet, the moon and the sun. The sun is a simple lamp combined with a single-point-mesh with material halo additionaly with lens flares.

When the camera flights arround the earth and the sun becomes visible the halo flares are also visible … so far so good. But it seems that the halo material changes the halo intensity in every frame of the animation. It looks like a flickering in the animation.

Pls look here to see what i mean:


Do you have an idea what this could be?

Thanks a lof in advance.

Best regards

I see what you mean.

It might be easier to diagnose if you post the BLEND file. In my experience, HALO changes as the distance from the camera to the cone changes. You may be experiencing that. You could try extending the clip start or end of the halo?