Flickering lights in volumetrics in Eevee

I am getting light flickering in my Eevee animation render, but not in the viewport. I have tried with no volumetric light clamping, and with values of a wide range, and disabling soft shadows, but nothing stops the flickering.

nebula.blend (1.3 MB)

Is this a bug in Eevee, or do I need to adjust some other render settings?

If you are a Windows and nvidia user, it could be a nvidia driver problem:

I am a Linux and nvidia user. It might be that, but it looks to me more like the actual lamps in the scene flicking bight and dim.

Instead of a Volumetric World, you try using a volumetric cube covering the mesh and lights.

It still happens if I use an object volume instead of a world volume.

To be honest, I’m not sure what result you are expecting in that scene. You have a mesh that in each frame it abruptly changes the shape. If this mesh has lamps associated with it, I suppose that the changes in lighting will also be abrupt.
Are you intentionally using the Noise texture to generate mesh/displace random changes in each frame?

Maybe using another type of static texture?

Also, since the dimensions of your tunnel are very large, you may want to increase the Clip End values for the camera.

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Oh, I am an idiot. I forgot to apply the displace modifier. >_< Thanks for looking at my scene! That was the problem.