Flickering Spheres

I’ve got an animation with a rotating cylinder intersected by a number of spheres which are rotating along with it. My problem is that the spheres flicker and half disappear during many frames.

I’m running blender on windows xp.

Difficult to tell from your description but it could be:

  1. camera clipping problem
  2. you have inadvertently duplicated the spheres in either object or edit mode and there is z fighting.
  3. depending on what format you saved in and the speed of your computer it may be struggling to display the animation or have difficulty with the codec.
  4. Video driver problem
  5. Something I haven’t thought of yet

Try fixing 1 and/or 2 above first. Then try rendering the animation as a series of still images and see if the still images show the spheres disappearing (detects problem 3).

If nothing above works post the blend file.


  1. no the clip end extends a good distance beyond the objects

  2. nope there’s no extra meshes

  3. I’ve had the same problem after rendering single frames and I had this problem before on a still rendering in another scene.

I’m not using displace or nor on the object’s textures either.

Another thing I just noticed is that this flickering doesn’t occur when the camera is significantly closer to the objects.

A sreenshot could really help.

I don’t believe a single screenshot will help since the problem is detecting the flicker of an animation. I might recommend you post two or three shots showing the difference (the flicker).

No it doesn’t have anything to do with animation.

When I orthographically render spheres intersecting another object, parts of the spheres do not render. This only seems to occur at a very specific distance from the camera and the spheres are very small in the rendering, so you only notice the change over a number of frames as the sphere’s distance from the camera changes through the animation.

Again this problem has nothing to do with animation because the partial disappearance is there at every frame. It was there before I applied any key frames at all.