Flight Simulator

I am working on a flight simulator. Currently I have lift calculated on the velocity of the plane and surface area of the wings. Velocity is calculated by the throttle, terminal velocity, and stall. It takes off and lands great. For some reason I am stuck on turning!! If the plane rolls left it needs to yaw left as well. I just don’t know where to pull the numbers for the amount of roll in order to calculate the yaw. Because even if you let go of the keys and the plane is rolled a certain amount it will still continue to yaw based on the roll amount.

I was thinking of using getOrientation() ?

If so, how can I get the right number for the amount of roll?

Im stuck at the same part. I had an idea about a constraint once a certian point of the roll was reached then having a turning motion while the plane was curved. It hasn’t gone so good…im still new with the constraint thingy…sorry i couldnt help

Hey, I’m also working on a flight simulator, I haven’t reached you stage yet, I’ve been on it for a week now.
I think you have to mess with the rotation in the Actuator motion thingy as well.

Im also working on a flightsimulator, lol, and I dont get it all, If u got the tecnines to make the plane flight correcly, send me a file of it, plz