Flintlock pistol

Here is a flintlock pistol I have been working on. For now the only thing I’ve worked on is the stock and the barrel, rest just have a temporary texture.

I’d like to hear your opinion on the metal and wood materials so I know in which direction should I go. Be as specific as you can , thanks

The wood could go in this direction. http://media.liveauctiongroup.net/i/12142/12219125_1.jpg?v=8CED985A1A5E420
I’d prefer it to be darker, but I admire you fort the ability to create so nice UV unwrap.
From my opinion, dark color would give the pistol really nice look. Inspiration is on the google :slight_smile:

nice work …be nice to see wires ? I had a go at one myself a while back and know how hard them fiddly bits can be

thanks, something like this?

The only thing that is disturbing me is the grain direction on the stock. it should be following the line of the barrel, or the stock will break since wood is not very strong across the grain compared to along the grain. The basic block from which the stock is made has the grain running end to end, parallel with the barrel.

Otherwise - such a nice model.

Cheers, Clock.

don’t forget in “them” days woods was copse’d (not sure that’s a real word) small trees would be bent and left to grow
was done for farm tools and houses …sure the same ideas went into flintlocks…so square up your uv map and the grain of wood will follow shape

ps no I meant a wire frame view …(see how many polys you got :wink: lol )

I think you mean “coppiced”, so yes the grain would also curve along the stock so it is parallel with the barrel, then bends down at the handle end, that was going to be my next comment once he had the grain nearly right, I am like that at times…

To “coppice” a tree, you cut it off at ground level or near to, then allow it to grow again - it will grow several new trunks that will initially grow outwards at an angle, then turn vertical due to the geotropic effect, so when you cut them down to make gun stocks the grain is curved. This is particularly true of Oak and Sweet Chestnut trees.

Cheers, Clock.

Thanks for the comments. Here, I fixed the issue with wood grain not following the shape of the stock. I think it follows it pretty well.
Also worked on the hilt and a bit on the lock as well. Trigger just has a clean metal material applied to it so it probably needs some work. And lastly the thing I’ve been ignoring for a long time - that tube that holds the rod needed to jam the bullet down the barrel, which right now looks incredibly awkward will finally get worked on.

What do you think?

Nice progress - its looking really good now.

Cheers, Clock.