Flip fluids passing trough obstacle object (water)

Hello, I am trying to perform a simulation where I want to observe how the geomorphology of a cave affects the flow of water, the data of the cave was taken with a LIDAR. Pero cada vez que realizo en bake es como si la cueva no existiera

  1. First step: Import the Cave in OBJ format
  2. Second step: place a cube on top the cave
  3. Third step: Place a square surrounding the Cave to be the domain.
  4. Fourth step: Physical properties of the cube over the Cave - inflow (emissions substep - 3). Outside cube turned the domain and the Cave an obstacle.
  5. Fifth step: Resolution at 500, solidifymodifer-thickness at 0.15 of the Cave and the remesh at 0.1m.
  6. Step 6: Object → apply → scale.
  7. Step 7: Bake

Now I will be making two more caves, but they are much bigger and I did it with your same steps and it is as if the cave did not exist, do you recommend me to make any changes or should I cut the cave because the size may be affecting?




Hi, I am currently on holiday until July 22nd and do not currently have access to Blender, but I have some tips to help solve the issue:

Hope this info helps! Let us know if you are still encountering problems and we will be able to take a look at the .blend file after July 22nd.

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