Flipin armatures

(Rob) #1

Am I correct in thinking that armatures only really work properly in plan view? (zy plane)

As this is the rest position and alt-R (clear rotation) resets it to this. Pressing the ‘n’ key confirms this and shows that absolute global cordinates are used.

At least maybe it is required for paste flipped to work properly? Experimenting…



(S68) #2


armatures works fine in 3D…


(Hos) #3

For flipped poses to work your model should be facing you
(and right side up) when you press numpad_1. Make sure your
armature is facing that way and press ctrl_A (apply size/rot).
Then parent the mesh to the armature. If flipped poses still
don’t work you may need to monkey around with the
“roll” values for the individual bones in edit mode.


(Rob) #4

I am still confused although I have gone through the new arm tuts that are around.

What exactly do you need to do in order to avoid problems later?

ctrlA altR altG altS ? in pose or edit? before parenting a mesh?

ctrlA flips the parented mesh, which is not so good.

Do select all before pasting. What should be selected when you paste flipped. What names are required to link (B1.L & B1.R would be OK?)?

Is there a secret incantation? Maybe I just need to try harder!

Cheers for help.


(Hos) #5

ctrl-A should be done on the armature before parenting
the mesh to it (you can unparent the mesh with Alt-P,
do ctrl-A, then reparent).

… and the secret incantation is “Blubboobadeeba-hey!”