Floating a boat

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Just wondering if anyone can help me… I’m working on a animation of a small rubber boat. So i’ve got the boat floating and riding the waves woo hoo!!! But not sure how to stop the ocean coming into the boat?? Is it something to do with physics and collision objects??

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One thing to try- add a flat plane and set it to follow the waves the same way you did with the boat. Clear all the physics off the boat, parent it to the plane, and move it up on Z until you’re happy with the results. In your outliner, set the plane to be invisible

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A more flexible but potentially much heavier solution is to clip the ocean’s vertices when they intersect with the boat (or rather with a simpler dummy object like a plane as Joseph suggested). This would allow you to place the boat at the elevation you wish too.
You would do that with a shrinkwrap modifier (or a geonodes setup, but that’s more involved and probably unnecessary for this case).

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Another thing worth mentioning is that a rubber raft with low sides like that would for sure take a lot of water on extremely choppy waves like this. Your waves are the equivalent of a strong storm currently, and a raft like this would founder very quickly in conditions like that unless it had an active bilge pump. Not a solution, I’m just noting that this is actually pretty accurate for your wave height

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I made the ocean, and float object on it. Here is the file free to use.

Here YouTube video tutorial. I think it will help


Welcome to the website my mans! The rubber boat and the character looks great, the water looks really cool too! Unfortunately I don’t know how to help with your problem but it looks like some people have thankfully come in to help you! Just wanted to say the scene is great and once again welcome!

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I’d use a shrinkwrap modifier. (like @Hadriscus mentioned)

Thank you everyone… Sorry for the late reply… :grinning: … All sorted now.

Thanks for the help!