Floating City


First things that come to mind is that most of the islands have the exact same buildings in the exact same configuration (ie. lack of variety).

Second of all, right now there’s nothing overall to tie the corners of the image together, as in there’s nothing to indicate travel between the islands.

Finally, I’m not really sure what the metal things on the underside of each island are supposed to be (they are round and look metallic, but if they aren’t an important part of making sure the cities float, then I don’t know what they are).

It looks like you have a decent foundation, but it could use a bit more love.

Alright thanks! As I am only a year into blender I’m not the best. But thanks for viewing and leaving feedback. I will add variety to the buildings and also fix the corner thing. the metal is supposed to be from the planet where the island was ripped from the ground.