Floating Island

Hi! Thanks for the comment and for the feedback! I think a soft fog would have been nice :grin: For the symbols I am actually pretty happy with having them as a passive detail. I did try the glowing but they are engraved basically in the whole rock so it was very messy and distracting, maybe it could work if only the main ones glow or something :slight_smile:

@naarodrig Thanks! I try to focus on small things and not think much about how much work I still got to do, so it is not painstaking :smiley: When I did this I used the multiresolution modifier… so I have a lowpoly structure and when rendering a higher count. But now after this experience I would personally make more like a mid-poly and bake all the high poly details into it :slight_smile:


how did you make the Falls please?

It is actually very simple, I made the texture in photoshop and use a plane with alpha for it. For the animation I am preparing I simply animated the texture in after effects :slight_smile: and it works well. I think running a water simulation would be unnecessarily heavy for my computer.

nice work !!!

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