Floating Island


Done all in Blender and rendered in Cycles at 500 samples.
Thought it was time to go and make something a little more stylized.

I love the vikings and dragons theme so that is what I chose to implement. I know proportions between objects are not accurate but it was an artistic choice… since having a tiny viking or house would not be ideal for composition. Here are some close-ups:

Behind every viking there is a ship for adventures… thou I have the feeling this one isn’t going anywhere D: Paintings in the shields were made by Mikael Lav~: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/8ZyPq - beautiful paintings

I bet you can find him somewhere else in the island. The roof is a hand-painted texture by Ulrick Wery: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/V2WOb - great stuff

Patience is key

And this is the concept on paper :smiley:

I know it is no epic artwork but usually it is more than enough for me, to write down my ideas, and since is not 100% detailed I still leave a lot of creative decisions until the process of creation.


I really like it! Has a very whimsical charm to it! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thanks :blush: I appreciate the comment

Holly cow that is awesome! Great stuff!

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Thanks Tom :smile:

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

You’re #featured! :+1:

The home looks like it’s nice a secured. A safe place to live.

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I really like the work remind me of 1 of mine, it’s really good job the only thing is that viking its annoying that he have no legs, so how could he even do that adventures, i would suggest you even complete him or do a saddle on that dragon so its more logical story. and may be scale the house.
keep up.

Hi Islara :blush: I’m glad you like it and thanks for the feedback, althou the viking has legs, they are just shorter, when he is standing up he has that kind of “hero” shape :slight_smile: as for the scale of the house I wrote it was an artistic choice not to respect it, as the composition would have not been very good. But thanks for the comment!


Lovely picture !

What? You silly goose… This is epic! The amount of detail is amazing! So much to explore! The image tells a story.

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Haha oh I’m sorry, maybe I didn’t express myself well, I meant the sketch I made on that squared and dirty paper I found somewhere lost :sweat_smile: :rofl: but I really appreciate the thought thou! Thanks for saying that :grin:

Oh, the drawing is adorable, as long as you know what to make of it, its fine :slight_smile: Its just an idea anyways!

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Oh i see the legs now! and i respect every artist choise in his work i just gived my opinion that i see it would improve the work and make the idea of the artist more obvious for the viewer in my way of understanding, and if i didn’t like the work that much or i didn’t see the soul of sharing and accepting feedback in an artist i wouldn’t give that feedback. Featured bro keep up!
and i would love if you show me some resources for amazing painted textures such the one you used on the house.

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Freakin’ awesome! Beautiful work with sooo much details and techniques used. Love it!

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Behind every dwarf there’s a tankard of ale… :beer:


Haha it is funny you say it like this, in my artstation I did some little comments to each image and I wrote the same ¨behind every ---- there is ----¨ but for the boat :smiley:

Congrats man! I was just lookoing at a old comment in your warrior post. Now i see you earned another top row, many concgrats !! Looks awesome! PS thats sketch is supre nice as well, not sure why you dont sound confident about that. Only thing i would change or is add perhaps soft fogg and better lighting / mood. Have thought or tested making those ruins, i mean the symbols, glow or something. Now they get a bit lost in the image.

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It looks beautiful! All that texture and details must have been painstaking. How did you control the polycount?