Floating Lighthouse

Hi Blenderartists!
In my latest project I wanted to combine traditional scale modeling with a digital workflow. My wife and I scanned 30 real world objects using RealityCapture and MetaShape. If you are interested in the photogrammetry aspects, please head to our Sketchfab blog post, there you can also find all assets (published under the CC-BY license):

Model on Sketchfab:


More screenshots and concept art on Artstation:

I assembled the diorama in blender 2.79 and added some hand modeled objects. I used SubstancePainter to achieve a consistent look for the whole scene and imported everything back into blender 2.8. There I did the lighting and texture baking. I used the Sketchfab model editor to work on the final render and the post processing. In a way the model is lit twice (baked lighting from cycles plus real-time lighting in Sketchfab), but it turned out to work great for the look I wanted to achieve.

Close-up screenshot from Sketchfab

Since I was focused to keep everything usable for real-time rendering, the new Eevee renderer was an excellent tool to quickly develop the look and lighting of the scene. I had a lot of fun to see changes in the scene in real-time while sometimes going to Cycles to check the full impact of my changes.

Cycles Render of the ‘Floating Lighthouse’

Cycles Detail Render

Lighting test in Eevee

Shading in Eevee

Modeling in blender 2.79

Arranging the 3D scanned elements on top of the initial blockout

Blockout in blender 2.79

Original concept


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Love the look and style! :+1:

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Thanks for the feature!

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Glad you like it! I didn’t really define the style until very late in the project, I had a lot of fun using the eevee renderer to quickly iterate through different lighting options. That helped a lot to define the final look.

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