Floatplane - Schneider Trophy update

The Schneider Trophy for seaplanes had some cool planes back in the 1920’s.

If you saw films such as “Porco Rosso” - Anime, you know what I mean.
So this is (to be…) my 1920’s racing floatplane. Missing proper floats, tail, struts, and the other half of everything!!, but already recognisable as a plane. :wink:

Not to be a replica, but a fantasy inspired by that era. BTW, the large grille is a radiator: air in by front of engine, out by sides of fuselage. The real Schneider racers had lots of trouble with excessive heat, and had radiators all over the structure.


Used some of Sonix materials, tweaked and adjusted. Tks.

Nice man! where is the other side?

that looks awesome. i really like the style of the plane.

An update, now has 2 sides, tail and some more detail. To do: the floats, extra detail and fixes, texturing.

And a belly shot…


Hey that looks wicked. Have you modeled the rivets, or have you used a bump map?

Top work,


thats an awesome model. i can’t wait to see it animated and then blown up. :smiley:

…that’s freaking cool, nice detail work, i liked to see a different color than yellow but it still kicks… :stuck_out_tongue:

Floats are done, now for cockpit interior and some refinements. Still to be textured, the materials are there just to get the feel of the plane. Later it should have a bit of wear’n tear.

Sonix - The rivets are modelled: dupliverted spheres in a copy of the plane’s mesh. Deleted vertexes where I don’t want to have rivets.

Very nice. Like the modelling and the shape of the plane. Thumbs up :smiley:

A little treat for Friedbrain. I call it Rudolph… :wink:


Wicked model. I have thought of making a racing plane for some time now.

Great detail.


…woah! i like this material better it makes it look even more realistic
thanx for the treat 8) keep it up, outstanding stuff …

dude thats super dope brother

That’s awesome. It has a sort of cartoon/relistic feel to it :smiley:

Yeah, forget the ‘wear and tear’ stuff. Anyone who owned this plane, who didn’t immediately land and wash the thing with champagne the moment a bird pooped on it, would deserve to have it taken away!

… and given to me, of course! :wink:

This is a cool model, and the new paint-job improves it. I, too, would like to know how you did the rivets.

The last post with yellow plane has that covered: Dupliverted spheres.

You probably know this, if you parent an object to another and press “dupliverts” button, a copy of the first is placed in every vertex of the second.

So a copy of the plane’s fuselage was edited to remove most vertexes, leaving only the ones where I wanted a rivet. Dupliverts were made and placed over the original fuselage.

This one’s called “If you need him, the guy’s in the bar” :wink:

Just a small test scene with some Caribbean waters to see how it fits.

Same, on a different angle…