Flock Simulation

(CubeFan973) #1

On IngieBee’s tutorials, there are some news articles for some reason. One is on flock simulation. Has there been any advances in this? Will there be any?

(theeth) #2

that’s a really old article, and I don’t think that script was ever updated.

Personnaly, I really like the subject of behavioral animations (especially boids) and I would really like to start an implementation, maybe with a small team and all, whenever the first code rage is over and some organization gets done.


(thorax) #3

Has anyone a list of behavioral scripts for blender, I mean would
there be something to work with, say I or someone wanted to develop such a thing.

It would be neat if there was a site for Blender/Python like there is
Cpan and FreshMeat, where you can download a package and see its dependencies, and browse the dependent packages, then someone like me would know better where to start than to have to swim through
the multitude of blender blogs…

(miffwhite) #4


I asked something similar the other day in another forum and got a few replies. – Also a link to a freeware open source boid/flock simulation program that might be worth having a look at. Never used it myself, but it could definately be the start of something.