Flood of Books Particle Emission issues

Hey guys I’m trying to create a scene where it is flooded with books. Right now I’m using a particle system with fluid physics. The problem is the books dont properly react with the environment or each other. It seems that the fluid physics used a sphere shaped boundary around each particle and that is what deflects other particles and the floor. I read somewhere that the game engine might be the way to go but how do I create the flow of books?? Please help I’m not sure where to go next with this…thanks:P

Those who suggest to use Blender Game actually mean to use the physics engine. Things are a little easier now with Blender 2.66, you don’t need Blender Game any more. But still, it will be a tedious work. All the books in the flow need to be a “real” object, not a particle. Then you can make them fall and respect (more or less) the laws of physics. At least, you can set them to behave like boxes instead of spheres. (That is the lightest possibility CPU-wise.)

I strongly recommend to duplicate the books with [ALT D]. If you don’t go beyond the limits in terms of number of books, it should be doable… without crashing… maybe. And if you use Cycles, it’s easy to give a unique material to each book.

Now, I wish I had more time to play with your idea. Building the system to make the books fall the way you want will be really fun. :smiley:

Thanks guys:) I think I’m getting what your saying. Basically alt+d like thousands of books and then make them ridgid bodies and then make a funnel and have that feed the books down into the room. Does that sound about right? :stuck_out_tongue: Man that could get crazy…I like it hehe:P

PS I found that thread with the script right before you posted…I cant get it to work:S

I think I got it guys:) a big funnel and a lot of copied books:) Seems to work the best:) Here is a test with monkeys. They seem to interact much better:)

Yeah… You got it. And it will become crazy when you’ll get thousands of books clogging up the pipes. :smiley:

BTW, I’d suggest to set your books to rigid body before to duplicate them. I wouldn’t want to bother Blender with trivial things to do on thousands of duplicated objects at the same time…

haha ya I hear ya man thats what I did with the monkey heads:)

how you create the flow depends how you want the books to flow, you could constrain them all to a curve ofset by a specific amount and key the rigid bodies “animated” property to the point they leave the “funnel” it would make the books “flood” like the hogwarts letters on the first harry potter movie :smiley:
you could probably partially automate it too if you know some python.