Floppy Disk

This is my latest… I am trying to flip it more on its side in the render to give it a more 3D appearance. This was created for this weekend’s contest.


Believe it or not I just happen ti have one of those in my hands right now (not kidding):

The differences I see between my pic and your render:

-Texture, the plastic isn’t smooth, it has a high frequency noise texture, some bump mapping would help too. (Also specular)

-Modeling: your model is a perfect square. No volume, with 90 degree corners. Real floppy disks have a little thickness (try the solidify modifier) and the have rounded corners

-The same is valid to the sticker: texture, corners and maybe another sticker with something written on it.

-For a simple but accurate render use luxrender (cycles maybe) or other unbiased rendering engine, it will look much better…

Here is the pic I was using, I am working on the things you said, I was trying to get away without texturing it, as I don’t really like doing that…:slight_smile: The model actually does have volume, however, I am still working on getting the camera into place to see that…

Pic: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Floppy_disk_5.25_inch.JPG

You are right, looking at it now, I realize it does have rounded corners. I will try to fix them…