Florencia's Cat

A present for my sister Florencia.

Just hair an grass, basically. Lightened by one sun and the background.

The nodes of the hair and the grass are by Gleb Alexandrov with slight modifications: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eshOzshjt90

Background from www.themebin.com

Any comments and critiques VERY WELCOMED.

The fur on the cat could be given a somewhat softer look, but the backlighting effect is beautiful.

The colors are nice and I like the rim lighting

Thanks! yes, I agree the fur is a bit “hard”. Thanks!

Thanks Italian Joy! I am glad that you liked the colors and lighting.

The lighting effect is amazing. I would suggest making the cat’s fur more softer because the grass and the cat’s fur look somewhat alike. Overall it’s a pretty awesome scene!:slight_smile:

Thanks HolyCG! I agree with your suggestion.

The lighting is really great, the cat aswell.
Maybe, like HolyCG said, a softer look for the cats fur.

Wow, I really like this piece! The colors are very beautiful :slight_smile:

Yeah, the fur looks just like the grass, just that it has a higher amount of grass.

Thanks! I am glad that you liked it.