The first of a trio that flow one to the next. Not entirely sure if it is finished, I think more is needed in this, but for now… Blender 2.37, internal render, and plenty of help from photoshop. 20 hour render as it’s planned for a 100 x 70 cm print. Thanks for looking, and please comment.


its… interesting. I like that it seems both complex and very simple…

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Great job! I was thinking about making something like that these days… Funny.

What did you do in Photoshop?

Very beautiful. The only thing I’d change is the little yellow cubes. They break the organic feeling (probably intended, still it bothers me). I’d take spheres or ellipsoids instead. But that’s only my opinion.

Is that a ramp shader on those yellow bands? It gives a wonderful “solarize”-kind of effect.

Thanks for the comments. I’ve had a couple of comments about the cubes, it might need a rethink there. In photoshop the contrast was pulled right in, and the vignette added. Also the little highlight at the bottom edge of the flow, no caustics in this render!