Flower ( First render )

Hello all, here I am with my first render. :eyebrowlift:
I hope you like it!

and here is the blendfile:
flower.blend - 0.39MB

Don't know how I've made it but it took me about 30 min.
Blender internal

C&C and PLEASE give me some critics so I can improve :)

Thx, mrcool

well, its ok

Wow im impressed for a first try. How long have you been using blender. Try to make the materials less plasticy. Mabey some SSS on the flower. I like the idea for the scene.

Good start, keep on plugin away. Check out the blenderwiki for tuts, you’ll be surprised about how much progress you make. I wish you luck for the future.

Yeah, there are obviously lots of areas for improvement, but thats some nice composition! I dunno. Looks really good for a first render man. Keep it up

Here’s just one simple tip. Always make sure with objects that you want to be smoothly curved that the points of faces aren’t visible such as the sphere the flower pot is sitting on. It isn’t a big thing, but just a little think you’ll notice when you look closely. :slight_smile: And I just mentioned that cause you asked for critics

Inspired by “The Little Prince” perhaps? It has a really nice atmosphere.

Add a low intensity spot light coming in from the side, no shadows, to put a bit of variety into the lighting.

@ the blenderizer : Thanks, I thought most people would think it sucks!

@ upquark : Well actually I’ve been using blender for 2 months now. But I’ve never made work. I just always got stuck with a " cubus-render " or I could add a sphere and thats it. Thats why I didn’t use blender for 7 months after that.:stuck_out_tongue: But this week I’m really getting the hang of if. And eeeeuhm… whats is SSS???

@ seanser : Thanks! And thanks for the advice too, i’ll go check it out!

@ Crititrozoz : Thanks! I’m glad you noticed but I really don’t know how to fix that one! How do you do that?

@ Orinoco : Nope, not inspired by ’ the little prince ’ I just had it in my little mind.
Uhu, you might be right about the lightning, I’ll give it a try! I will also add some grass or something, see what it gives!

Thanks all!

ive also had blender for not so long time
2,5 months