(Atariman) #1

Hello, a picture off of splutterfish.com’s web site inspired this picture. Some of you may recognize it from there. Any who, pleas tell me what you think. I used some new techniques I have learned to model and render this. There was no postproduction. The DOF was done in Blender.
C&C welcomed!


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(S68) #2

Not bad :slight_smile:

The central white part is nice in shape and texture,

the underlying leaves are too low poly, try to subsurf them.


(BgDM) #3

Not bad at all. I have actually seen the original and it comes close to it’s likeness in form.

I agree with Stefano on the leaves, get them sub surfed and it will look much better. Also, try playing with a fake GI light setup. Will make these look even better.