Flowing lava

hi, i want to make an flowing lava texture, but im painting it with stencils maps, so i use 2 textures instaed of 1, i want to make the lava texture flow, to understand it, look at the screenshot (attachemt), can somebody give me an example file of it?:

as you see there is the cracked lava texture, thats the texture i want to mkae flow


It s easy just use animated texture, Iike I did on the spaceship example. Sorry but i ll not post a blend file since this is prety basic.

look for a UV scrolling script. I know it’s somewhere around these forums.

Use a UV scroll script.

cont = GameLogic.getCurrentController()
own = cont.owner
mesh = own.meshes[0]
array = mesh.getVertexArrayLength(0)
speed1 = own['speed1']
speed2 = own['speed2']
for v in range(0, array):
     vert = mesh.getVertex(0, v)
     uv = vert.getUV()
     uv[0] = uv[0]+speed1
     uv[1] = uv[1]+speed2

Set the script to run always and give the object 2 float properties, “speed1” and “speed2”. Set one of them to a small value like 0.01 or something. Play with the values and you will get your desired result