Fluid and Blender 2.44

I’trying to work with fluids. I did a while ago with version 2.42 and with the tutorial dvd made by CmiVfx with real cool tuts. I didnt have problems with it but now after a while, new Blender version is out, i started again playing with fluid sim.

I keep on getting crashes when trying to push up the resolution: “Runtime Error!” “abnormal program termination”

And/or when starting the baking sometimes it wont show up. So it is baking but after the first frame it stops expanding the mesh.

All these troubles i didnt have before, so is there something changed that i missed or do i something wrong.
I hope i made myself clear on this.
Thanx a lot

The next Blender version will be bug fixes only, so chek for that in the pre-release version.

I’m having the same problem with the latest build (2.45). So far the only common denominator is it happens only when my baking size will exceed 1GB - which makes no sense, as I now have double the RAM I was using before and I was able to crank my fluid res to 300. I was hoping to go beyond 400 or 500, but am now limited to 230 because of this error. So far I haven’t seen any posts providing a reasonable cause or sound solution, so am presuming this is new for all of us.