Fluid bake

Im making a fluid sim but Im having problems. I made a glass and made it an obstacle but when I bake the liquid seems to react somwhat to the glass like it actually is an obstacle (it causes the liquid to break apart) But instead of splashing up like its supposed to and landing in the glass it simply passes right through the glass. Help? You can download the .blend here:

PS this is my first fluid simulation…


at first as far as i know the normals of the surfaces should point into the direction where they should act as obstacle.
In your glass model they ar point outwards, because it has no thickness the upper surface-normals should should be flipped. If wrong correct me. Select those and press W-Key than Flip-Normals. Worked in my reedit. Then you should increase the Domain-Resolution. Preview can be as is. The higher the resolution is the more realistic the fluid will act. Worked for me. Maybe something about 100 would be a good setting. Then render the frame.

Cause the preview resolution is lower i doesnt show would the render would reveal.

Take in calculation that higher resolution leads to bigger processing-time.

Its getting there, now it stays in the glass but it doesnt spread out completely its kind of a blob. I’ll keep working on it thanks.