Fluid boundary detection problem

Hi, For some reason when ever I make a fluid and add a obstacle the fluids don’t hit the obstacle instead the fluid hovers above the obstacle like theres a boundary problem. I have set it to shell and still theres is always a huge space between the obstacle and the fluid.

To reduce the gap increase the fluid resolution. This is an effect of how the fluid system works. There will always be a gap to some degree. Have you set the display as Final (by default its preview) to see what you’ll get when rendered.
Make sure all your objects have a scale value of 1 for each axis . Use Ctrl+A to reset to 1 if they don’t.

After playing around some more I have found out that it only does this with planes I tried using another box as an obstacle and it did it just fine. Whats the matter with the plane?

There are a lot of problems with the fluid sim. It works well at medium to far distances but up close its not so good. Planes and surfaces (rather than solids ) are definitely a problem. For example if you make a controller out of a surface one side will have much stronger force than the other. I made a ring surface controller and it only worked on the surfaces on the negative x direction. Surface obstacles often let the fluid leak through (better if res is way up). Be sure to fiddle with the time and viscosity settings, fudging them can often overcole some of the limitations of a more “correct” simulation.