Fluid Cache Disappearing After Bake?

So what is happening is that I bake a fluid and as it’s baking I check every so often to see what frame it’s on and how it looks and it looks fine, until the end of the bake. Once it’s done baking all of the cached frames disappear and all I can see is my domain object.

Are the cache files really disappeared from their folder or is it just not showing them ?
Are you in edit mode ?
Is the viewport display set to Geometry ?
Are yo on a frame outside the baking range ?
Did the fluid baking complete fro the full frame range ?
What version of blender (official version or development build)
Have you moved the location of your blend after the bake ?
Is the view display set to bounding box ?
Supply any other information that you feel may be relevant
etc etc

Yes the files themselves are dissapearing, I am using 2.62 on Win7 64 bit.

make sure you don’t have external cache checked. I had the same problem when I forgot to uncheck it with the next sim I did.

Ok thanks! I’ll try that

Well, judging by the wording in your first post, I assume the fluid simulation you are using is the one located within the “Physics” context as opposed to a particle simulation using the Fluid physics type…

Well, one possibility, I suppose, would be some kind of folder permissions issue.

  • I would recommend creating a test copy of your project within a folder that you -know- requires no special or elevated permissions.
  • You may also want to right click on the Blender.exe icon and run as administrator.
  • You might also want to set your fluid cache output directory to – that – particular folder as well, at least for a test run.

Another possibility, I suppose, would be that you are using a revision of 2.62 that has a bug. I would just test the file out with an earlier version entirely.

Good day.

It may be that it’s a bug in the version because right now I’m trying out Yafaray and Vray built into Blender and it’s not an official copy.