Fluid domain. Re-bake?

When I need to change something in the fluid scene I can’t seem to rebake it unless I make a new domain.( and then I get 2 fluids emiting…)
How can I reset the domain to rebake it?
It only does this if I esc. the first bake. Is that a big no-no ?

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What I do to get around this is move the current frame past the number you are going to animate to, so if it was set to 250 , then I would move to frame 251 then the domain is the original shape.

Took me about 30 minutes to figure it out, in fact I did it by mistake and there behold my domain!!


Heh. Good solution though, Thanks:)
Having fun with it now…:slight_smile:

so you guys are going to the frame thats after your last bake endframe
and putting in new bake settings?

Why so complicated? Just change the filename of the bakefile and you can rebake without any problems.
If you really want to throw away the current sim, you could also delete the bake-data. That would have the same effect, but it is a little more work, since you have to find it first…

great “solution”