Fluid domain size limit?

Apart from the “real world size” limit at 10 m is there any other size limit? I have this big domain and it won’t bake until i scale it down.

You should just read the documentation. 10 meters is based upon the longest side of the domain box.

take a look at this page where a small animation explains it http://www.pkblender.it/FluidSim/Html/domain_realworld.htm

Yes… but the problem is not in the ‘real world size’, it is in the actal size of the domain box in the model

What do you mean when you said it would not bake? Did Blender crash or just sit there calculating?

The largest x and y values that actually bakes is 123.267. Any box larger than that will bake, but it will not turn the box into a fluid no matter the option enabled in the ‘viewport display’ menu

Hmmm…seems to work for me. Here is a cube I scaled up by 100x then by 2x. I applied the scale and my x dimension is reported at 382.00. I put a fluid in the domain and clicked the bake button.

Have you tried re-creating your simulation in a new BLEND file? Sometimes that helps. Also name your cache to a new name.