Fluid: Pouring wine from bottle into glass

Hello - I have a problem with my fluid simulation that I have not found an answer to. I am trying to take a wine bottle, lift it and rotate it so that the wine pours out from the bottle into a glass.

I have researched on this site and found that:

  1. My Domain cannot move and rotate but must be fixed.
  2. I should create a bottle that is only for holding the liquid and make it larger and thicker-walled so that the liquid does not come through the edges.

I have done these things and tried a few others but to no avail. The wine seems to appear below the bottle - even the thick-walled one. I am not sure how to make the wine stay in the bottle… :slight_smile:

I stopped trying to create it from a standing position, and am only trying to make it pour out at a rotated position now, because none of it would work right.

I have included two images below to show the actual scene and also the scene with the large “containing” bottle to hold the liquid.

Any help is greatly appreciated !


I do not suggest you to make the wine inside the bottle, a simple circle before the bottle top set as fluid Inflow can make your scene. But if you want the wine to be seen inside, just make a pretty thick bottle, be sure that your domain is big enough just to contain the scene, the bigger the domain the longer and less accurate results you’ll get; make your domain resolution pretty high, at least 150, and then if you can still see the wine coming out of the edges of the bottle use a Smooth modifier with a value of ~1-1.5 and a Repeat value of 2-3

Thank you for your suggestion! I will try that. I have looked for tutorials about this specific type of fluid simulation but have not found any out there.