Fluid problem

i’m new…forgive my english…!!!
please, can someone tell me what are “thicker dummies” ?
I’ve see an image with red wine versed from a bottle in a glass (from inktvlek).
i’m trying, but i can’t do the same…!!!
my fluid don’t recognize the bottle and fall down through it.
Otherwise, when i BAKE, the fluid disappear…
Probably the “thicker dummies” are the solution (just inktvlek has said)
but i don’t now what are…
please help me!!!
thank U

Thicker dummies isn’t actually ‘offical’ terminology. I guess I’d think you meant Fluid objects that were of greater area but I’m guessing.

You have a Domain? You have a fluid? You have an Obstacle?

The bottle will be the obstacle.
The wine will be the fluid.
The domain will be the area that defines the limits.

Three computational assignments, three geometric objects.

Other things to try, set the Resolution up to 100.

I think fluids are sometimes not too good at recognizing thin objects. So if your object is too thin, it may fall through. A “thicker dummy” is a copy of your main object, just made a bit thicker. The “dummy” part is because you wouldn’t render this object - it’s just for calculating fluids. You’d put it on another layer once the calculations were all done. I think you also have to make sure the normals of the object point toward the fluid, otherwise it may fall through. This is all true for softbodies too.

Many thanks…
Let me learn something in more and i’ll trying again…
thanks thanks thanks