Fluid problem


i have try severel times to make fluid. i have follow 5-6 easy and good tutorials, the best one < http://www.pkblender.it/FluidSim/domain.htm >.

I think i understand every step, i need a Domain , Fluid ( inflow ) and a Obstacle.

I select the domain and enable, then I select the fluid-cub and enable inflow and set the Z to -0.010, then I select the obstacle, and last step select doimain - cub and enable domain and press Bake.

After baking I press Alt - A and the fluid flow down, but wath happen to the domain and also the obstacle. the flow dont flow over the steps (obstacles ) dont exist any longer.

Can you help me.

Thank you.


Post your blend file.

but wath happen to the domain

The domain becomes the fluid

botten.floor_01blend.blend (169 KB)Thank you both.

I find the place where the Blender files ar hide.

here are the Blender file.

Thank you.