Fluid Resolution Problems


Well, I’m not so experienced with fluid simulations.

And today, I tried to bake one sim with resolution 300.

Although the memory needed was ruge (2.54GB) everything was fine. I understand that at the preview resolution field from domain options panel, I can set the resolution of what I’m seeing at the GUI, correct?

So, when rendering, the resolution should be 300, but this is not happening and I’d love to know why, and what can I do to fix this.

Please have a look at the attached images: you can see that the gui is exactly the rendered image.

Thank you so much


Can you post your blend?


Sure, here it is.

(Sorry by the delay: as the subsurf at the glass was applied, the file became too big to post here, and I had to delete the outer part of the glass. :-s I guess you just want to check the settings…)



Fluid.blend (842 KB)


You should scale your domain down as small as it can be while still containing your fluid. The resolution you select is spread out over the entire domain, so empty space in the domain is wasted space. Also, you’ve got the display quality set to Final for both the preview and render. Set the preview display quality to Preview to speed up the interactive display.

Some initial thoughts:
Make your domain smaller so it is just enough to surround where you want your fluid.
For all your object in object mode use Ctrl+A (Scale and Rotation to obdata) to set their scale to 1
Use set smooth for your fluid
Your beaker has many vertices. Why waste unneccessary resources

This was a res of 150 (326 MB bake memory)

Fluid1.blend (292 KB)

You could then also use surface dubdiv and surface smoothing in the domain settings.


Thank you so much Richard and rawpigeon. I really appreciate your help and support.

Richard, you were so kind on doing the tests!

I’m going to make changes and once the whole scene is finished, I’ll post it. My experience with fluids will be better now.

Once again, thanks

Best wishes,