Fluid shading

This is My best attempt at Water so far I was just wondering if any one had any thoughts any sugestions


looks similar to my shader.

but i used YAFRAY mostly…

looks like you used blender internal.

looks good :smiley:

Doing water is easy as long as you stick to a few simple rules.

  1. Fresnel reflection.
  2. Completely transparent.
  3. Refraction.

Q: What makes “pure” water look like water?
A: It’s surroundings!

Pure water is colorless and completely transparent like glass. So in order to display water properly you need to think of what it will reflect and what it will refract. Or in other words, a body of water in an empty room is not going to look like water. You need a bit of scenery or some other objects for it to reflect or refract something, same with colorless glass.

Thanks this was My first shot and I will remember those rules