Fluid Sim Help


I’m trying to do a scene where water from a glass rises up into the air (defying all physics yes I know :slight_smile: ). How would I go about doing this in Blender? I’m fairly new to the fluid sim part of blender but I am sort of competent in other aspects.

Thanks for your help!


(P.S Preferably in cycles)

(P.S Preferably in cycles)

The render has nothing to do with the fluid simulation

Change the gravity from negative value to a positive value.

You can set the scene gravity in the Scene settings or if you turn that off you can then set the fluid gravity in the Fluid World settings of the domain

The gravity values are keyframeable so you can change them to whatever you want at will

Thanks, big help. I’ll do some tests and see if this works.


(PS Thanks for quick response)