Fluid Sim or Fluid particles system best for realistic fluids?

Hi There

I’d like to be able to render photo realistic or near enough fluid pours, splashes and the such like.
I’d like as much control as I can which makes me think the fluid particle system and Pyroevils cubemesher add on makes sense?

I’ve been having a play around with fluid particles and I can generate fairly good results but when I create the isosurface using the cube mesher, even with a voxel size of 0.1, I still end up with quite a low poly holey looking mesh.
Is this because I don’t have enough particles in the system? I’ve been using 200000 to test so far.
I don’t really know very much at all about this so any advice gratefully received.


Probaply its a matter of scale and distance, and lots of calculation time.
Maybe you can fake it a bit ?, CG is a lot about faking.

re faking, absolutely.
seen some good test results with voxel size down to .05 and a particle size of .05 but i have many other issues…

Id say actualy the fluidsim is the right choice.
Give it a high res (>600) and let it simulate a night. You will love the results.
If we´d have a “mesher-MODIFIER” that would work faster than python-addons ill give it a chance :wink:

Yeah, I’ve looked at hi res fluid sim, it’s nice but with the fluid particle system you can apply forces to the system which you can’t really do with the fluid sim.
Pyroevils cube mesher addon is def worth looking at.