Fluid Sim Particles not showing up

I am trying out the Fluid Sim and trying to make the particles show up by integrating a Particle Fluid object.

I simply put a plane into the boundaries of my domain set the physics to “Fluid” and the type to “Particle” and checked “Tracer”.
I set my domain to create 250 Tracer particles, “Generate” to 1 and the subdivisions to 2 like described in the manual.

I also found a demonstration on CGCookie.com where this exact process is shown and I think I have done everything the guy in the video did. However, in my scene no particles show up.

I´m using Blender 2.74 RC3 on Windows.

Is there a known issue with this or did I do something wrong.
My Scene is attached to this post.

FluidTest01x.blend (580 KB)

It’s because the path of Fluid Domain and the Fluid Particle is different, but they have to be the same.

Ah, I see. Thank you very much. :smiley: