Fluid sim trouble

I’ve recently started learning the fluid simulator and for some reason cant get it to work properly in one scene.
I have a domain containing several fluid meshes and 1 obstacle yet when it bakes nothing happens. How can I fix this?

Could be a number of things.
Are you sure you have the resolution set high enough to see the results?
Do you have the ‘Final’ option set in the Left hand side for the ‘Display Quality’ option in the Standard section of the Domain properties?
Normals pointing the right way for all the fluid simulation objects?

Have you gone through the following page and the 2 tutorials at the bottom?:

If that doesn’t solve it, maybe someone else has some ideas or you could post the blend file somewhere maybe??

Thanks for your help!
I’ll look at those tutorials now

Hi, I’m new here but I’m part of some other forums. I’m ot new to the whole 3d concept, but I am new to blender. I kind of find it fun to mess around with all of fluid simulations. And this probably wierd, but I have baked my animations, but it goes to another baked and rendered movie. Also I have a really stupid question,(*newbie to Blender) how do u save your animations? lol!! I know sucha newbie. Not to swift though.